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Project 23 is a production company committed to films that address oppressive systems and our relationships to them. The images we consume on a daily basis impact how we see the world, how we see others, and how we interact with one another. It is our responsibility as a collective of image makers, storytellers, and artists to create an equitable and diverse space and to cultivate a world in which all peoples are free from the shackles of exploitation. We enable young artists to tell stories with innovative forms and to find new processes that are, themselves, practices in chipping away at these systems that hold us down and keep us apart. By creating change through the creative process, Project 23 empowers the next generation to transform the world we live in, uplift marginalized voices through the power of cinema, and foster healing and hope.


Our mission within 23: The Tale of an Exoneree is to help Johnny Berry gain ownership of his story. Through this vulnerable process, we maintain patience for one another as creators, and for Johnny. We strive to do Johnny’s individual story justice, whereas the system failed to do so for him.

We envision a collaborative society where we construct rather than confine. We envision an America which is the land of the free; which possesses the bravery to break free of systems of exploitation and instead moves towards rehabilitation. We envision an art world where young makers are supported rather than exploited. We envision a world where there is enough for everyone and everyone is enough. 






- February 21st, 2021

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